Stanford Ballroom
Dance team

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

The Stanford Ballroom Dance Team is a group of Stanford students and affiliates who are passionate about competitive ballroom dancing (dancesport). We are committed to helping our members improve their dancing technique We offer regular group lessons with professional coaches, office hours with senior dancers, and personal coaching. We compete regularly in collegiate, local, and national dancesport competitions. If you have even the slightest interest in dance, we highly encourage you to drop by and check us out!

  • We are very welcoming of new members, whether or not you have previous dance experience. In fact, many of our members joined without previous dance experience!

  • Drop by our regularly scheduled practices on Saturdays, or check out our latest events!


The 2016-2017 Stanford Ballroom Dance Team board is working hard to bring you lots of fun, laughter, and dancing!

Myriam Yao

Team Captain
Myriam is a sophomore currently from Portland, Oregon; however, she has also lived in Grenoble, France; Oudenaarde, Belgium; and Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys tutoring, writing, and dancing.

Olivia Foster-Gimbel

Vice Captain
When not dancing, Olivia does research at the Graduate School of Business. She can often be found foxtrotting around the Knight Management Center.

Nicole Hartman

Financial Officer

Natasha Flowers

Rookie Coordinator
Natasha’s housemates have stopped asking her what her plans are when she walks out the door and instead just say “Have fun at dance!”. This has proved to be much more efficient for everyone involved.

Duhita Kothe

Rookie Coordinator
It is a path from a hobby to passion. It’s a journey from Bollywood to Ballroom. Now it’s whisky Tango Foxtrot all the time.

Andrey Simanovsky

Coaching Coordinator
Andrey is on a mission to learn how to dance. He has been on it for a while and enjoys dancing now more than ever before.

Elliot Rosen

Social Coordinator
Elliot is either full of fiery Latin passion, or ate too many beans for lunch. He can often be found in pet stores making funny faces at the parrots.

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